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Winter is a great time to curl up with a great hulking mass of a book and let yourself get really into it– in preparation for cracking open Bleak House or A Suitable Boy, check out this great article on what author Mark O’Connell calls The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels.

 The thousand-pager is something you measure yourself against, something you psyche yourself up for and tell yourself you’re going to endure and/or conquer. And this does, I think, amount to a kind of captivity: once you’ve got to Everest base camp, you really don’t want to pack up your stuff and turn back.

From Bill: “When I lived in Japan new years was the major holiday. I like this article because it shows the everyday consequences of the tsunami/meltdown. This is a lot like someone saying “no one’s allowed to throw out their Christmas trees this year.” but with “god resides in the Christmas tree and can only be released by burning” thrown in….”

“I wonder why the nuclear disaster couldn’t have been minimized,” said a teary Yoshida in front of the ornaments that he calls “objects in which gods reside.”

Do you like Philip K. Dick?? Of course you do. Here’s an amazing repository of wonderful Philip K. Dick stuff for free! Including an hour long film we didn’t even know existed!

From BoingBoing, some photos of the “first” science fiction convention, in Leeds (shown here, Walter Gillings, Arthur C. Clarke, Ted Carnell, in front of Theosophical Hall).

How rad are stickers? How rad is sticking thousands of stickers all over a completely white room? Check out this this installation from artist Yayoi Kusama, called The Obliteration Room.

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Pouring a Better Brew

As you probably know we are always trying new things around the café. Often it’s a new snack or a special soda, but we thought it was about high time to try something new with the coffee. We love our regular coffee and it’s not going anywhere but we thought we’d try some new things to offer a special cup of coffee for those looking.

Over the past few weeks we have been offering our coffee of the month as a pour over. This is a simple method to create a hand crafted cup of coffee that is always fresh. Through this process people can try  new coffees and get a feel for the variety of flavours from different regions and farms as well as try a cup before taking home a bag of the coffee of the month.

Last week we added another new gadget, that I promise is neither a still nor a chemistry experiment, though based on it’s appearance a number of people have been wondering. In reality this is a cold brew coffee dripper, also known as a Kyoto coffee maker. Using a 6 hour process we drip ice water over a bed of grounds about 40 times a minute. While it takes a while it creates a smooth cup that highlights the delicate flavours, leaves behind acidity and ups the caffeine a bit. Don’t worry about the wait though as we’ll always have a carafe ready and waiting. At the moment we are serving it in it’s traditional state as cold coffee, though we are experimenting with various methods of warming, while trying to avoid losing any of it’s wonderful qualities.

I hope you give both a try, and never hesitate to ask questions of our friendly baristas.

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